Suddenly, came me a great oppotanity.

In the past, I wrote that I missed my wanted position.

It's a receptionist for American military menbers.

Today, I called my boss and I was noted that I assigned its position!

I was glad to hear that! You wouldn't believe it's an irregular situation.

Usually, the position isn't really changed,

because it's too far for lower class menber to reach an opinion to upper class menber.

In what way is it decided to me? I don't still know that,though.

Off course, I'll do my best!

I guess it's my time to shine! Break a leg, me!

Japanese noodle (day 2)

Okay, I'll continue to write regarding to Japanese noodle.

In Hokkaido, a miso flavor ramen is the most popular in native people.

Especially, it is loved from Sapporo city's people.

But don't forget this, there is a very delicious syoyu ramen in hokkaido.

It's popular in Asahikawa city.

Asahikawa is separated from Sapporo about ninety kilo meters.

We have to spent a time approximately one and half hours by car.

But I don't mind that.

I sometimes go to Asahikawa for eating syoyu ramen!

If you come to Hokkaido, please don't forget it.

and If you have enough time, you should eat it!


I still want to talk something, but I'll finish writing the blog.

In my conclusion, I extremely love all kind of ramen.

I'm gonna marry with ramen someday.

I'm sorry.

I went to go for drink between Friday and Saturday,

so I skipped writing blog.I'm sorry.

Today, I spent the most of the time to study English.

Recently, I was emphasizing to study a listening part for the TOEIC test.

Especially, I'm listening the part.1 and 2 sounds.

I think I'm improving little by little only these part.

I have to keep it up.Break a leg for me! lol


Okay, I've gotta sleep for tomorrow work.

Maybe next time, I'll continue to write the Japanese noodle story XD


I want to say current things.

I'm wondering if I'm studying many vocabularies.

Today, I took three English lesson in the vicinity of station and with online.

but each times I didn't come up with appropriate words or sentences.

I'm feeling I learn a new things when I forget an old things likewise.

Possibly, I learned a few vocabularies day by day, but I think it's not efficient.

And It really needs the efforts.

I have to rest and be easy-going, I guess.

If I have enough enegy next time, I'll write to continue the previous dairy.

Have a good one you guys, take it easy.

Japanese noodle (day 1)

Today, I'll talk my most favorit food which is Japanese noodle.

It's called "Ramen" in Japanese.

and Ramen is categorized by thier taste.

There are Miso (farmented soy beans paste) ,Sio(salt),

Syoyu(Soy source),Tonnkotsu(Pork bone) Ramen in Japan.

They've been really loved by Japanese people in each place.

Especially, I love Tonnkotsu Ramen that is very famous in Kyusyu.

I used to make it when I was in my home town.

I was born and grow up in Saga prefecture in Kyusyu.

I've eaten the Tonnkotsu Ramen since I was a child.

Sometimes, no, always I really miss it.


Well, probably,

I can't stop talking about the Ramen so Blog will be getting to the long sentence.

I decide to write a blog for several separate days.

Autumn in Hokkaido

Recently, I've come to feel the autumn season in Hokkaido.

Time is passing runs quickly whether we don't do anything or not.

I don't want to regret at now in  for the future.

I know it's difficult to keep my balance that not just relax relaxing but also hard-working.

But I'll do my best so as to enjoy my life as much as possible.

I have to departure keep away from having bad personality sometimes and habits I suppose.


new words

have come to ~ ~するようになる

whether A or B  AであろうとBであろうと

not just/only A but (also) B AだけでなくBも

so as to ~ / in order to ~ ~するために

as much as possible 可能な限り多くの

departure from ~  ~からの脱却、離脱


Dragon cherry blossom

The tittle is a book that is really popular in Japan.

But I haven't read it until now.

That one's content is that one of the teacher teaches bad students how to go to Tokyo University.

And in the end,

they will be able to pass the exam

and they're growing to the good persons through some experiences and mental conflicts.

It's useful for me that is written in the great useful informations.

For example,

If you want to improve your English skills, you need to write a diary in English every day,

and it must be included your learned English words at least seven words.

I was recognized anew that.

Don't skip this, I'll keep it up.

If I do that, I think I can accelerate growth my English skills from now on.


new words

mental conflict 心の葛藤

bad student 不良

recognized anew 再認識

cherry blossom 桜の木

content 内容、中身

If one do/does that ~ もしそうすれば、~だろう。

accelerate growth 成長を加速する