Keep a journal

I try to keep a journal in English.

I heard it is important to improve writing English ability.

And I wanted to inform to get 650 scores at the TOIEC L&R test when I took it in the middle of May.

Surprisingly,I could reach my target scores immediately.

I change the target to get above 800 scores in a year.

I'm struggling to study English every day.


Next week,I'm going to take a TOIEC S&W test.

I wanna get 100 scores,I think.

And I became a level 7 in the NOVA.

Recently,English lesson is sooo difficult so far.

I really disappointed my English ability...

But I'm trying to transrate my flustration into my motivation.

Take it easy!

I'm getting sleepy,so I'll go to bed.Thanks a lot for everyone.