Japanese noodle (day 2)

Okay, I'll continue to write regarding to Japanese noodle.

In Hokkaido, a miso flavor ramen is the most popular in native people.

Especially, it is loved from Sapporo city's people.

But don't forget this, there is a very delicious syoyu ramen in hokkaido.

It's popular in Asahikawa city.

Asahikawa is separated from Sapporo about ninety kilo meters.

We have to spent a time approximately one and half hours by car.

But I don't mind that.

I sometimes go to Asahikawa for eating syoyu ramen!

If you come to Hokkaido, please don't forget it.

and If you have enough time, you should eat it!


I still want to talk something, but I'll finish writing the blog.

In my conclusion, I extremely love all kind of ramen.

I'm gonna marry with ramen someday.