Japanese noodle (day 1)

Today, I'll talk my most favorit food which is Japanese noodle.

It's called "Ramen" in Japanese.

and Ramen is categorized by thier taste.

There are Miso (farmented soy beans paste) ,Sio(salt),

Syoyu(Soy source),Tonnkotsu(Pork bone) Ramen in Japan.

They've been really loved by Japanese people in each place.

Especially, I love Tonnkotsu Ramen that is very famous in Kyusyu.

I used to make it when I was in my home town.

I was born and grow up in Saga prefecture in Kyusyu.

I've eaten the Tonnkotsu Ramen since I was a child.

Sometimes, no, always I really miss it.


Well, probably,

I can't stop talking about the Ramen so Blog will be getting to the long sentence.

I decide to write a blog for several separate days.