Autumn in Hokkaido

Recently, I've come to feel the autumn season in Hokkaido.

Time is passing runs quickly whether we don't do anything or not.

I don't want to regret at now in  for the future.

I know it's difficult to keep my balance that not just relax relaxing but also hard-working.

But I'll do my best so as to enjoy my life as much as possible.

I have to departure keep away from having bad personality sometimes and habits I suppose.


new words

have come to ~ ~するようになる

whether A or B  AであろうとBであろうと

not just/only A but (also) B AだけでなくBも

so as to ~ / in order to ~ ~するために

as much as possible 可能な限り多くの

departure from ~  ~からの脱却、離脱