Dragon cherry blossom

The tittle is a book that is really popular in Japan.

But I haven't read it until now.

That one's content is that one of the teacher teaches bad students how to go to Tokyo University.

And in the end,

they will be able to pass the exam

and they're growing to the good persons through some experiences and mental conflicts.

It's useful for me that is written in the great useful informations.

For example,

If you want to improve your English skills, you need to write a diary in English every day,

and it must be included your learned English words at least seven words.

I was recognized anew that.

Don't skip this, I'll keep it up.

If I do that, I think I can accelerate growth my English skills from now on.


new words

mental conflict 心の葛藤

bad student 不良

recognized anew 再認識

cherry blossom 桜の木

content 内容、中身

If one do/does that ~ もしそうすれば、~だろう。

accelerate growth 成長を加速する